Rising demand for meat-proteins has impacted on the feed industry where the securing of quality feed at competitive prices has been a challenge faced, and most often available alternative feed options are not palatable to livestock, leading to low feed intake. Feed flavours are important as an attractant, increasing the palatability of feed given to livestock.

FaunAroma® Feed Flavours provides a solution with its range of specially formulated feed flavours to enhance feed production efficiency and feed intake by livestock and aquaculture. FaunAroma® Feed Flavours range offers the following benefits:

  • Flavour as an attractant to increase palatability;
  • Masking of off-odour and off-taste in feed ingredients; and
  • Marketing and branding opportunities for feed producers through distinct aroma.

FaunAroma® Plus range combines the use of high performance flavours with functional ingredients. This range, also available in flavoured sweetener form, provides added benefits such as improved feed production efficiency, improved feed pellet quality and desirability, and enhanced palatability.

Unique features of FaunAroma® Plus include:

  • Improved spread and incorporation of the flavour into the feed;
  • Better inclusion of fat into pellet feed;
  • Improved feed pellet production, reduction in fines produced; and
  • Savings in extruder and drying costs.


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