Every product innovation requires unique flavour solutions. At KH Roberts, we are always mindful of consumer preferences and stay abreast of market and consumer trends. We develop and produce the best-in-class flavours to help create successful consumer products.

KH Roberts® Food Flavours represents a range of unique and all-time favourite flavours, masterfully crafted and blended with the finest ingredients to bring out the best aromatic and flavourful profiles. With a vast selection available in liquid, paste and powder forms, there will be a flavour that meets your product requirements.

Liquid Flavours

Available in water and/or oil-soluble form, our liquid flavours are applicable in most food applications such as bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, savoury and pharmaceutical products.

Paste Flavours

Our range of paste flavours delivers both flavour and colour at the same time, bringing a value-add and cost efficiency advantage to our customers’ production process. These are most applicable for bakery and confectionery applications, but have also been incorporated successfully into other applications, such as beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Powder Flavours

  • Instant drink mixes, pharmaceutical tablets and powdered seasonings are just some of the types of applications for powder flavours. In general, such powder flavours are either blended or encapsulated.
  • Our Encapsulates range offers concentrated flavours, encapsulated in protective coatings of natural gums and/or modified starches, and are highly versatile in both dry and wet applications. This range of flavours provide some protection during processing, better flavour release with maximum impact, and have improved flavour stability and extended shelf life.
  • For a lower cost alternative, our range of blended powder flavours provides the same versatility and efficiency, and are ideal for higher dosage applications.


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