Today, consumers’ desire for food that are free from artificial flavours and additives is driving the demand for natural food products and ingredients. Plaimar® Naturals offers a range of rich and wholesome flavours and ingredients, produced from purely natural sources, with successful applications in bakery, dairy, beverage and confectionery products. Drawing from the goodness of nature, Plaimar® Naturals provides consumers a complete “next-to-nature” sensory experience, while at the same time, ensuring health and well-being.

Natural Flavours

Besides providing the added benefits of a rich mouthfeel and aroma, Plaimar® Natural Flavours adds a smooth texture and silky creaminess to the finished products. Versatility, ease of application and dispersion in food matrices are enhanced by the homogeneity and water solubility of Plaimar® Natural Flavours.

  • Complete flavour experience can also be enjoyed without the full fat content necessary in many of the current applications. Ingredient costs can be reduced by using natural dairy flavours in instances where butterfat, cream and cheese can be replaced with cheaper vegetable fats.
  • Customers can leverage on marketing competitive advantage by positioning the finished products as “naturally flavoured” or “without artificial flavours”.*
  • The range of Plaimar® Natural Flavours includes all-time favourites like chocolate, coffee, butter, milk and cream.

Specialty Ingredients

Plaimar® Specialty Ingredients includes menthol crystals, essential oils, natural extracts and oleoresins, which demonstrate superior performance and delivery consistency. In particular, we manufacture high quality rectified menthol crystals that leave a fine clean taste. These superior quality crystals are applied extensively in tobacco, confectionery, pharmaceutical and food and beverage products.


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Note: * Actual labeling texts are market/country dependent.