Every colour has its own influence on people’s mood and the colour of food together with aroma can influence flavour perception. The right colour choice associated with the right flavour in your products goes a long way in ensuring that each consumer is a happy and satisfied customer.

SenShade® Food Colours is extensively used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, crème, sauces, soups, canned fruits and vegetables, confectioneries, beverages and various other food products. SenShade® Food Colours brings to products the added benefits of:

  • Uniform and standardised shades;
  • Hygienic food colours that are safe and free from contamination;
  • Long shelf life;
  • Ease of application and usage; and
  • Low dosage in application.


SenShade® Food Colours are available in :

Food Colours – Liquid/Powder

Our range of food colours is offered in many shades and concentrations and in both liquid or powder forms, depending on application. The blended colours can be made available to meet specific product requirements, in terms of shade and strength.

Crème Colours

We offer a range of proprietary blended colours predispersed in sugar syrup or glycerine. These colours are ideal for use in bakery crème, as well as in applications such as bakery decorations, confectioneries, and pharmaceuticals such as capsules.

Colour & Flavour Combination

Colours conveniently combined with aroma, both in liquid and powder forms, provide convenience to customers and eliminate the need for additional inventory as well as minimise dosage consideration during production. Such products can also be tailored to the needs of the customer, ensuring that the right colour and flavour combinations are achieved.


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