Our Corporate Logo

The brand identity of KH Roberts is represented by a golden droplet and a green blossoming leaf.

The green leaf reflects the company’s strategic direction towards a “PURE” position that encompasses the pure goodness of nature – authentic, safe, trusted and of quality. The upward-growing, blossoming leaf also symbolises vibrant growth for the company. The droplet represents KH Roberts’ key product – flavours that are the essential components to the success of customers’ products and speak of the brand promise to deliver pure aroma in every drop. The gold colour encompasses KH Roberts’ long-established heritage and the premium quality of our products and services established since 1968.

Bringing together the natural, pure concept from a growing leaf, distilled into a concentrated drop, the brand identity delivers a powerful message to signify KH Roberts’ commitment to excellence and continuous growth with our partners and customers.

Our Corporate Tagline

Delivering pure aroma in every drop

Our brand promise which is carried as our tagline reinforces KH Roberts’ commitment to produce quality, authentic, safe and trusted flavours for its customers, with next-to-nature aroma. It is a brand promise that serves to assure customers of the pure quality they can always trust in every drop of our products.


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