Meaty vegan meat, pungent Sichuan spice: behind the scenes of how flavours in instant noodles and other foods are made

In November, we worked with South China Morning Post (SCMP) Young Post on a feature article that talks about interesting job roles to young readers. As part of our social responsibility efforts, we continuously engage young minds in schools on prospective career options in the flavour industry. For this article, our colleague Lixin, talks about her role as a flavourist at KH Roberts and the science behind creation of flavours for applications like plant-based meat.

Photo: KH Roberts, All rights reserved.

Li Xin, flavourist at KH Roberts, shares that her role as a creator of flavours is to make the average food and beverage taste better. Li Xin shared that in order to create flavours, flavourists combine various aroma compounds in highly specific proportions, very much like the actual composition of aroma compounds that are present in any given food. This is why sensory science plays a crucial part in creating flavours and a good sense of both smell and taste is needed to formulate a well-balanced flavour profile.

Being at the forefront of innovation, Li Xin also shared some projects that our team is currently working on with our customers, like our “meaty” flavour range for plant-based meat. With rising consumer demands for plant-based alternatives, it is important that plant-based meat tastes good. This is where we come into the picture, crafting aromas and tastes that mask unwanted off-notes from the plant source and introduce great-tasting culinary flavours that give an authentic sensorial experience.

Such complex work require our flavourists to often work as a team with our experienced research and innovation technologists, we create a multitude of flavours for different food and beverage applications.

We thank SCMP Young Post for featuring our story.

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