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KH Roberts awarded FSSC 22000

As part of KH Roberts’ drive towards the highest food safety standards, KH Roberts is pleased to announce that its Singapore manufacturing plant has been awarded the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) in February 2014. KH Roberts’ Indonesia manufacturing plant has been awarded the FSSC 22000 since July 2013.

The FSSC 22000 certification is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Food safety has always been one of the top concerns for many food and beverage companies, and KH Roberts is fully committed to maintaining food safety compliance in all its operations. With this certification, customers can be assured that KH Roberts has a comprehensive food safety management system that meets the requirements of both customers and regulatory agencies. KH Roberts will continue to provide our customers with safe, wholesome and healthful products because we believe everyone deserves them.


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Developments in the Company

Need a flavour? Ask KH Roberts

MOST food and beverage firms are in the business of feeding people. KH Roberts, however, wants to stimulate your senses, those of taste and smell in particular. Coffee, cranberry, cheese or cinnamon - these are just a few in the wide range of food flavourings made by the 43-year-old company. 

The flavourings are sold mainly to food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers, which use them to give their products that extra boost in flavour. If the company does not have the flavouring that is required by a customer, it sets its laboratories to work to create it from scratch, in order to clinch that project. 'Among the home-grown flavour houses, we are one of the rare few to have a comprehensive suite of well-equipped research and development, flavour development, analysis and applications facilities,' said managing director Peter Ong.

KH Roberts' laboratory equipment at its Boon Lay premises can, for example, analyse an existing food product and identify the different aroma compounds needed to recreate its flavour. The company can then create and develop the desired flavouring from the identified building blocks.

In the applications laboratory, food technologists can make baked goods, confectionery, beverages and other food products using the new flavouring, to test whether it really delivers the desired aromatic impact in actual application.

KH Roberts has had a long tradition in embracing technology to expand its business. Back in 2000, it implemented what is known as 'encapsulation' technology.  The food flavourings that are made using this technology are delivered in a powdered form and are encapsulated in protective coatings. 'The range of flavours provide protection during processing, better flavour release with maximum impact and have improved flavour stability and extended shelf life,' Dr Ong explained. 

In 2008, the firm tapped Spring's Technology Innovation Programme to develop a range of natural flavours - food flavourings made from natural food sources, without any synthetic chemicals. Among the flavourings that KH Roberts offers in its natural range are butter, coffee, chocolate and citrus. 

This range has helped the firm reach a new group of customers - mainly manufacturers of high-end brands of consumer packaged food and beverages. 

Still, this new business is in its infancy, especially since there are few food and beverage manufacturers in Asia which make such products. 
'But we do see growth potential in Asia as demand for natural and healthier food is picking up among consumers here,' Dr Ong noted. 'We are trying to come up with more cost-effective versions of these natural flavourings to draw in more customers from the region.' 

KH Roberts has a presence in Indonesia, Thailand, Indochina and China, and plans to focus on expanding its business in these markets over the next five to 10 years. 

Spring Singapore says that KH Roberts' use of technology is unique among firms in the food and beverage industry. 

'As with most traditional industries, the level of innovation among food manufacturers is low,' noted Spring's group director for industry development Kee Ai Nah. 'They tend to follow market leaders and produce commoditised products, resulting in price-based competition. There is usually little inspiration to develop new or innovative products.' 

Singapore's food manufacturing sector generated $6.8 billion in total output and employed about 26,000 workers in 2009. The value added from the sector rose by 23 per cent from $1.48 billion in 2008 to $1.82 billion in 2009.

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Article Contribution in Asia Pacific Food Industry (Apr/May 2010)

KH Roberts published an article - Beyond Your Regular Beverage, in the regional food and beverage trade magazine - Asia Pacific Food Industry, April / May 2010 issue. Keep yourself abreast on emerging market trends of the aged population and how manufacturers can formulate to meet the needs of this market. Also understand how suitable flavours play their part in enticing the aged consumers and making the products for the aged a successful one.

KH Roberts launches its new corporate identity

KH Roberts officially launched its new corporate identity, together with 4 re-launched product brands – KH Roberts® Food Flavours, Plaimar® Naturals, SenShade® Colours and FaunAroma® Feed Flavours, to better identify the different product groups. The new identity aims to foster a closer partnership with new and existing customers through focused communication and proactive concept innovation sharing. For sales and project enquiries, please contact us.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Growing together with the community

As we grow and develop our business to achieve greater heights, we are committed to contribute to the well-being of the communities that we live and work in. Through helping the disadvantaged in the community, we believe that an opportunity is provided to make a significant impact on improving their quality of life. Over the past year, KH Roberts has been working with Operation Hope Foundation (a Singapore charity dedicated to the needs of the children and the poor) to help the youths at the 120-children orphanage Hope Village in Prey Veng, Cambodia. With the proceeds from a charity dinner and the dedication and efforts of staff volunteers, KH Roberts will help set up a Bakery Training Centre in the Hope Village. The training centre will equip the youths with the necessary baking skills and with the help of volunteers, the basics of business and marketing as well. Armed with these life skills, the youths will have the opportunity of achieveing their goals through self-sustainability when they leave the orphanage and villages to join the workforce. KH Roberts and our staff believe in supporting charitable causes and providing that helping hand to encourage and inspire those who needs it more. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Look out for more updates of our projects.