The Science Behind Flavours

KH Roberts is a flavouring pioneer in the Southeast Asia region.

We have raised the bar for flavouring through market proven heat stable flavours and through our proprietary flavour encapsulation technique. Caproma® encapsulated flavours provide high shelf-life stability for aroma impact and cost-efficient performance.

On top of these innovative flavouring solutions, we’ve also mastered the basics, building upon classic flavour portfolios like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, floral, fruit, botanicals, and more for over 55 years.

These innovative technologies and classic flavour portfolios are used for:

  • Masking off-notes in foods like plant-based meat and dairy and health and nutrition products
  • Assuring consistent product quality – especially after processing
  • Enhancing lost or absent flavour notes such as authentic meat aromas and citrus notes in fruits
  • Introducing new aromas and tastes to exceed consumer expectations
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You Need Flavours that Perform

Taste is Everything

How a product tastes is paramount to its success. If customers don’t love the taste – your product won’t last long. Our innovative aroma and taste profiles are curated with your customers in mind.

Time to Market is Vital

Every day your product isn’t on the market, your competition is gaining market share. You need to create new flavours quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on quick turnarounds and efficient collaborations.

Local Flavour Matters

Consumer preferences vary by market and region – and they demand authentic flavour. Your products’ flavour must align with local palettes. Our teams throughout Asia make this possible.


We seek to redefine your flavour experience through our creations.

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Collaboration and innovation is at the heart of what we do.

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Flavours that Stand the Test of Time

For more than half a century, our team has created high performance flavours that have stood the test of time. How do we do it?

A Strong Foundation

It begins with a strong understanding and foundation of flavour science that dates back to the 1960s. Our extensive network around the region, speed to market, swift responsiveness to market trends gives us a deep understanding of what our consumers want.

Industry Best Practices

We benchmark industry leading and best practices in flavour creation, production and quality assurance. We use industry proven training methodology for flavourists and flavour technologists, ensuring all flavour creations add value to our customers.

Innovative Collaborations

We collaborate with the world’s leading ingredient partners, research institutes and universities, global and regional consumer brands who share in our passion for innovation and high impact aroma materials. We are the Third Place for food innovation.

A Culture of Innovation

At our roots is a culture of innovation and collaboration – to continuously better ourselves as we explore innovative solutions for more than half a century. We are committed to optimising flavour solutions to extract the best cost-performance matrix.

Specialised Capabilities & Reaction Expertise

Our team has a wide breadth of capabilities including expertise inanalytics, creation and application in the field of aromas and tastes.

Integrated Manufacturing Facility

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility integrates flavour innovation and applications, pilot plant, and digitalised and automated flavours production, that allows us to create high-quality flavours sustainably and efficiently.

The KH Roberts Difference

At KH Roberts, we craft future flavours that bring delight and imagination to the world. As one of Asia’s leading creators of aromas and tastes, we push the boundaries of science and imagination, always discovering, always innovating to deliver tastes of the future. Here are a few things that make us unique.


Innovation and Creation

We see ourselves as more than flavouring suppliers, we see ourselves as crafters of flavours. Our team is always curious, always pushing boundaries to find out what’s possible. As crafters, we see the flavours we design beyond just a solution to our customers, they are works of art that satisfy consumers’ taste and sensorial experience.

This passion for discovery is what drives our culture of innovation to uncover new and unique flavours that delight the world whether through products such as beverages, baked goods, confectioneries or savouries. KH Roberts charts our vision and commits to innovating in a way that will have a deeply positive impact on the science and technology of aroma and taste today and tomorrow.

End-to-End Flavour Process

Crafting great flavours is an end-to-end process, from sourcing and extracting nature’s best to the end-consumer experience. It’s about discovering the best ingredients, capturing aromas and tastes on the right formats (liquid, paste, encapsulated or powder), and assuring the right innovative practices and processes are in place to keep pace with market demands and deliver an end-product that guarantees delight.

Proof of our commitment to innovation is best seen in our flagship flavour range Caproma® , produced using our time-proven proprietary flavour encapsulation technique. We were the first regional flavour house to set up full scale commercial production and R&D facilities of flavour encapsulation in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

End-to-End Flavour Process


Co-creation and Collaboration

We thrive on collaboration, we’re eager to know what’s next, and we’re passionate about bringing the best talent together to provide value and craft the next innovative product.

As a collaborator, we provide a platform to facilitate the highest levels of innovation and creation with our co-creators regionally, helping us anticipate future consumer needs and utilise in-house research & development, innovative practices, and our partners to create future-ready aroma and taste solutions. We’ve recently participated in Asia’s Great Snack Challenge, the APS Show in Singapore, and the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit.

Focused on the Future of Flavour

With over 55 years of experience dedicated to crafting the aromas and tastes of the world, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field of work. We welcome and nurture people from different backgrounds and experiences to ensure continuity and consistency of the brand image and quality of our offerings and services.

We share a common vision focused on exploring what’s next – future flavours, trends, consumer expectations, taste experiences, and processing technologies. We’re optimistic about what’s ahead for the flavour industry, and we’re privileged to be on the front lines.

on the
Future of Flavour

Flavour Pioneers, Then and Now

Founded in 1937 with an emphasis on specialty food ingredients, KH Roberts is still crafting the future in aromas and tastes.

  • 1937

    The founder of KH Roberts pioneered the specialised distribution of specialty food ingredients like flavours, colours, and essential oils.

  • 1968

    KH Roberts became the first to locally produce heat-stable bakery flavours under the brand icon “KH”, popularly used in local and regional biscuit and bread factories.

  • 2000

    KH Roberts became the first flavour house in Southeast Asia to set up a full commercial scale production and R&D facility dedicated for flavour encapsulation.

  • 2003

    KH Roberts acquired proprietary menthol refining technology and a facility focused on highly purified natural menthol.


KH Roberts pioneered an open collaborative platform partnering strategic industry players within the flavour creation value chain. Successful projects drove KH Roberts to further enhance this collaborative platform with continuous investment and focus on future innovations. Today, KH Roberts is committed to serving as the “third place” in the food industry where like-minded strategic partners and collaborators come together to share knowledge, reimagine the future and drive innovation.


KH Roberts established a purpose-built headquarters in Singapore, comprising an integrated flavours manufacturing facility in Singapore, featuring state-of-the-art digitialised and automated material distribution and dispensing systems, synergising both automation and scalability of production batch sizes, customised for the flavours industry. Integrated with pilot plant facility, flavour science and process R&D and innovation, the facility is a first of its kind amongst regional flavour houses in the industry. Advantage – industry leading flavour quality consistency, high value throughput efficiency, centrally located strategic material sourcing centre ensure consistent and efficient supply chain, speed to market with new innovation, value creation co-collaboration centre for our customers.


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