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A Delicate Flavour Solution

When it comes to foods and beverages, flavour plays a critical role in ensuring consumers’ acceptability and adaptability. Flavours in all foods are made up of combinations of volatile and delicate molecules that are sensitive to the environment.

A flavour’s journey from when it’s created to the moment it reaches the consumers’ tastebuds consist of challenges that include processing, storage and packaging conditions. This means that by the time the food reaches the consumers, the flavour quality could have been compromised and lost its initial great taste. Hence, there is a need for a stable flavour delivery solution that will deliver a stable, impactful and delightful sensorial experience to consumers despite unfavourable conditions and long shelf-life.

Caproma® is the flavour solution for manufacturers seeking:

Flavour Intensity

Vivid and Unique
Flavour Profiles

Longer Product
Shelf Life

Ease of

The Key Features of Caproma®

Caproma® is our range of encapsulated flavours that offer the most controlled aroma release capability.

Produced with our track record proprietary microencapsulation process technique that protects and preserves the high-impact aroma compound until its release point.

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Superior Stability

The encapsulation matrix protects the essential aroma and taste compounds - an effective barrier to undesirable flavour degradation and unintended loss of the original flavour profile. Caproma® encapsulates have an extended shelf-life of over 18 to 24 months compared to regular powder flavours.


The encapsulation matrix in Caproma® ensures that the product delivers bursting aromas and authentic taste throughout the product's shelf life, maximising the sensorial experience for consumers.Your brand and products deserve nothing less than the best that Caproma® has to offer.


The KH Roberts’s proprietary microencapsulation process technique uncovers the possibilities of sensitive aroma compounds and delivers a wealth of opportunities to create compelling flavours. Your desirable profile is our mission to co-create with you.

Taste Possibilities with Caproma® Flavours

Caproma® - Recognised and acknowledged as one of the best-in-class encapsulated flavours, KH Roberts has partnered with customers to capture the best aromas for consumers for over 20 years. Caproma® flavours have been tested and proven across various product categories from Instantised Beverages, Health and Nutrition to Bakery and Snacks.

3-in-1 beverage
sachets, teabags

Instant Beverage Premix

Ranging from bold, aromatic and balanced coffee flavours to fragrant and uplifting tea aromas, rediscover the taste possibilities for our next instant beverage product creation.

  • • 3-in-1 coffee sachets
  • • Chamomile teabags
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Instant Dairy or Bakery Premixes

We have an extensive compendium of classic chocolate and vanilla flavours that are indulgent and comforting.

  • • Chocolate cake
  • • White Peach ice cream
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Cakes, Pancakes, Cookies,
Ice-cream, Soft-serve

Functional Beverages

Health and Nutrition

Wellness flavours designed by our team of experts will add tastefulness to any off notes and evoke a sense of rejuvenation for consumers.

  • • Lemongrass ginger tea
  • • Functional products
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Healthy snacking keeps you going. Our in-house culinary flavours will satisfy the consumers’ hunger and boost a dip in energy levels.

  • • Curry BBQ chicken chips
  • • Chilli crab extruded snacks
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Chips, Crackers, Nuts &
Trial Mixes, Extruded,
Puff and Popped Snacks

Instant soup, Stock cubes,
Batter mix, Instant noodles
seasoning, Ready-to-eat
meal sauces and marinates


We have the right taste solutions for the local favourite meal kits, sauces or marinates.

  • • Korean fried chicken marinates
  • • Thai tom yum soup stock
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