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Why Food Colouring?

Food colouring is used to create an appealing aesthetic to foods and beverages – but beyond that, colouring can also be used to impact consumers’ perception of taste and bring out positive emotions. A light purple lavender tea may create a calming perception, while a dark brown chocolate cake may give the perception of premium quality. When used ethically, food colouring serves an important function of encouraging regular consumption of foods and intake of nutrients, especially for the elderly and weak.
KH Roberts strives to go beyond just providing aroma and taste expertise, but also to enhance food product visuals in order to ensure high overall consumer satisfaction.

Our Food Colouring Solutions

KH Roberts offers a variety of both natural and synthetic colours suitable for your food and beverage products. We aim to ensure your food colours align with consumer expectations and perceptions of how their food should taste.


Natural Food Colours

Bring the best of nature to your customers. We offer a wide-ranging palette of safe, reliable, and natural food colours – selected and curated from the finest hues and shades nature offers. Consumer demand continues to rise for natural, safe-to-eat foods made from quality ingredients. There’s no better way to convey that natural feel than through colour. Explore some of our natural food colouring solutions that are customisable to your needs:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
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Synthetic Food Colours

Delight your customers with colour. Although the demand for natural food products is rising, there are various markets and segments that don’t require the same treatment. We provide a wide range of primary and blended food colours for a variety of applications. Our synthetic colours are safe and attractive, designed to enhance your products and please your customers. Explore some of our synthetic food colour shades:

  • Tartrazine
  • Rose Pink
  • Caramel Brown
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Food Colour
and Consumer Perception

Food colouring plays a vital role in consumer’s perception of:

Flavour Intensity

Product Quality

Acceptability of Product

Consumers have come to expect certain colours to elicit certain tastes, aromas, intensities, and more. Food colouring gives consumers an idea of expected taste, and aids in managing their satisfaction. One would expect an orange coloured to taste like orange flavour, or a light green coloured food to taste like lime.

On top of taste expectations, there are emotional perceptions of food colour that can be tricky to navigate. For example,

  • Yellow is commonly associated with tastes that are sour like lemonade.
  • Red is often associated with freshness or a sweet taste. However, others associate it with food that is unhealthy, causing avoidance reactions.
  • Green is commonly associated with healthy like plant-based.

Navigating flavour perceptions in your foods is crucial to creating successful products, which is why we emphasize on providing a holistic solution on the taste, aroma and visuals of food products when collaborating with customers and partners.

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