Naturals, Extracts and Ingredients.

We work with customers and partners to meet the growing consumer demands for natural products that taste good.

Unlocking Nature’s Best

We partner leading innovators, cultivators, researchers and scientists to explore and discover nature’s best. From field research, aroma capture and analysis to processing, our flavour scientists and experts craft, preserve and deliver these unique natural aromas and tastes, bringing to consumers an extraordinary sensorial experience.



Extracts refer to natural extracts from plant or animal sources. At KH Roberts, we adopt various extraction techniques that assure the right innovative practices and processes are in place to keep pace with market demands. We work closely with our partners around the world to discover botanicals, fruits, and ingredients that guarantee delight for your end consumers.

  • Black Tea
  • Lemon
  • Coffee
  • Lavender



Naturals are natural flavours made from various natural extract sources or natural aroma compounds. Our naturals are crafted from the finest extracts and natural ingredients with in-house processes and reaction technologies that include enzyme modification, distillation and Maillard reaction. Our goal is simple - to provide consumers an authentic sensorial experience.

While similar natural extracts, natural flavours aren’t quite the same. Extracts give off a flatter and more moderate taste.

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Orange

Ingredients that Delight

In KH Roberts, our team of flavourists bring together aromatic compounds, extracts and food materials into a perfect blend to craft our natural flavours. In addition to natural extracts and flavours, we also offer other ingredients that can be used to create revolutionary products and bring delight your consumers.



Aromatics are ingredients from fruits, herbs, botanicals and spices with pleasant, multi-layered aromas that give deep and complex flavours in your product. Aromas can often carry the bulk of a product’s flavour. They offer a range of opportunities to retain certain flavours and add others – or at least the perception of that flavour.

  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Ginger



Functional solutions mask flavour off-notes (like the off-notes in plant based milk and fortified functional beverages), improve mouthfeel to give a fuller, rounder body (as in beverages), and boost sweetness (as in low-sugar reformulations). Functional flavour solutions typically add the finishing touches on a flavour or product.

  • • Masking flavours for plant-based foods
  • • Mouthfeel solutions for better-for-you applications

A Passion For Discovery

At the heart of KH Roberts is a passion for innovation and discovery. We have a dedicated team of experts who are dedicated to exploring new ingredients and discovering innovative processes. We are committed to optimising flavour formulas to deliver the best cost-performance matrix.

We regularly conduct scientific research, analysis, and product application to bring out the best in our customers’ products. We continue to improve our processes for naturals’ extraction, enzyme modification, and distillation.

Our team is always curious, always pushing boundaries to find out what’s possible. As crafters, we see the flavours we design beyond just a solution to our customers, they are works of art that satisfy consumers’ taste and sensorial experience.

Extracts and Ingredients of Tomorrow

The most successful food and beverage products of tomorrow will offer health benefits and prioritise a shared planet.

Modern consumers seek healthy, natural food and beverage options without having to compromise on great taste and wonderful experiences. Consumers are also seeking innovations that support their physical and mental well-being, including immunity, gut health, stress management, and mood. Consumer focus is also shifting towards the health of our shared planet, which drives reformulations and innovations. We see this most clearly in the rise of plant-based food and beverages.

Our team at KH Roberts is dedicated to creating future-ready products as we collaborate with customers to create the next great-tasting innovation.

Unlock Your Full Product Potential

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