KH Roberts participates at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit

KH Roberts gives an exclusive virtual tour of our Innovation Platform

Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit

Photo: Rethink Events

It is our pleasure to be a part of the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit 2021 organised by Rethink Events. At this hybrid event, we gave an exclusive virtual tour of our Innovation Platform in our Integrated Manufacturing Facility.

There has been a lot of exciting product innovations and launches in the alternative protein market currently, including plant-based dairy meat products to cell-based proteins. However, food manufacturers and start-ups all over the world are facing challenges in creating products that closely mimic the taste, texture and appearance of real meat and other animal-derived products. Aroma and taste of any foods are crucial influencing factors that drive consumers repurchase decision. Ultimately, the product has to taste good to satisfy consumers. This development is a time-consuming process for most plant-based food manufacturers, especially having different formula of alternative protein sources with varying inherent characteristics.

This is where KH Roberts’s Innovation Platform fills this gap. With more than 50 years of experience and expertise in aromas and tastes, as well as pilot extrusion capabilities in our facility, we are able to provide solutions and expertise under one roof, making the plant-based NPD more efficient.

In this virtual tour, we shared about how the Leistritz commissioned pilot extrusion equipment to produce intermediate plant-based meat analogues. This helps us conduct pilot-scale trials to test how different processing, recipes and textures impact the taste of the meat analogue. We can then better customise our aroma and taste solutions to fit the customer’s requirements- from masking certain inherent off-tastes (e.g soy, beany) to imparting desirable aromas (e.g. chicken). We also provide culinary aroma solutions for the final plant-based products like all time classics - Japanese Chicken Teriyaki, Thai Tom Yum and Chinese Five-Spice flavours.

With this innovation platform, we are able to partner closely with our customers to create plant-based products that are authentic and bring delight to consumers.

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