KH Roberts speaks at the Alternative Protein & FoodTech Show (APS) in Singapore

KH Roberts’s Innovation Manager Derrick Heng speaks at the APS 2021

Alternative Meats in 2021 & Beyond

Photo: Alternative Protein Show Singapore 2021

KindEarth.Tech, Shiok Meats, SciGlo

We are happy to be a part of The Alternative Protein & FoodTech Show (APS) held in Singapore in August 2021! Organised by KindEarth.Tech, Shiok Meats and SciGlo, APS brought together founders, thought leaders, investors, innovators, scientists, food technologists, farmers, and consumer brand leaders to have an open discussion on the alternative protein industry and the roadmap to a sustainable and ethical food system.

Innovation Manager, Mr Derrick Heng, represented KH Roberts as one of the panel speakers at Alternative Meats in 2021 & Beyond where he shared the importance of having a great-tasting alternative protein product for consumer adoption.

At KH Roberts, we are passionate in discovering the limitless possibilities of aromas and tastes. Our expertise has brought us to the forefront of future foods like alternative proteins. We integrate “meaty” characters together with culinary flavours like Cheese, Curry and Barbecue to bring out the appetising savoury notes, while our taste solutions work in the background to mask and reduce the inherent off-notes present in many of the alternative proteins. Adopting a similar approach, our flavourist and applications teams have also been working on innovative taste solutions for alternative dairy proteins, bringing forward a new flavour experience to plant-based dairy foods. Being immersed in diverse Asian culture and palates, we tailor flavour solutions for various alternative protein types, product formats, product positioning and cooking methods that are catered to Asian contexts globally.

Undoubtedly, there is an exciting future for alternative protein innovations. The sensorial and flavour experience future foods offer to the consumers plays an important role in developing alternative protein products and ensuring that consumers adopt these products into their lifestyle. This is our purpose, to craft future flavours that bring delight and imagination to the world.