Healthier food alternatives with KH Roberts’s flavours

How KH Roberts is leading the way in shaping new worlds of health and nutrition

Photo: KH Roberts, All rights reserved.

In today's fast-paced world, where health and nutrition have taken centre stage, the food industry is witnessing a revolution. Functional and fortified foods have emerged as the go-to choice for consumers looking to enhance their well-being. These products, often enriched with essential nutrients, promise to boost immunity, support cognitive and mental functions, elevate overall well-being, improve vision, maintain beauty and protect the health of bones and joints. However, there is a catch – these nutritional claims often compete on sensory appeal.

Consumers are increasingly seeking foods that not only satisfy their cravings but also provide a host of health benefits. From boosting immunity with ingredients like fibre, probiotics, digestive enzymes, or goji berry, to enhancing cognitive functions through omega-3 or guarana, fortified foods are becoming a dietary mainstay. These ingredients are game-changers, but they can bring a metallic or bitter off-note that affects the overall flavour and palatability of the product.

As health and nutrition trends drive the rise of fortified foods, the challenge lies in ensuring that these products are not just good for the body but pleasing to the palate. When a product doesn't taste great, consumers are less likely to incorporate it into their diets, no matter how many health claims it boasts.

This is where KH Roberts shines. We understand that it's not enough for these products to be nutritious; they must also be a sensory delight.

As one of Asia’s leading creators of aromas and tastes, our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise required to design flavours that mask away any undesirable off-notes while complementing the inherent taste of your fortified or functional foods. We collaborate closely with you to co-create a taste solution that is tailored to your product, resulting in a unique flavour profile that is bound to exceed consumers’ expectations.

Our technical experts have developed a range of successful prototypes. From low-sugar energy drinks to fortified jelly strips and fortified soft-serve, our flavours have transformed these products into culinary delights. These examples highlight how KH Roberts can turn the nutritional promise of fortified foods into a delightful reality.

In an age where health and nutrition are of utmost importance, our flavours are the bridge that connects the nutritious with the delicious. Connect with KH Roberts, and let us help you reinvent fortified and functional foods that are not only beneficial for your consumers’ health but also a source of taste satisfaction. Explore our portfolio here.