Navigating Through COVID-19

How is KH Roberts navigating during this pandemic?

Tan Pok Kiam, Director, Group Commercial talks about how KH Roberts is navigating through COVID-19.

Photo: MoneyFM 89.3, Singapore

In a live interview with MONEY FM Radio Station, Tan Pok Kiam, Director, Group Commercial, shares how the company has been navigating through COVID-19.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the food and beverage industry, KH Roberts continues to face incredible operational challenges from supply chain to manufacturing to engaging with new customers. With an additional safety measure implemented island-wide- to keep a minimum of 1 metre distance from each other and limit the number of people allowed on-site- it became a challenge to even conduct our daily laboratory testing. It was a great difficulty to practice the safety measures with minimal operational disruptions.

Our employees needed some time to adapt to these new measures like safe distancing and wearing masks at all times, so we conducted virtual briefings, provided meal caterings, allowed for staggered shifts, flexibility with work-from-home arrangements and accessibility with laptops and VPN to ensure that our employees felt comfortable working in these new conditions. We also supplied masks and food-grade hand sanitisers for everyone’s personal use, and utilised digital tools for ease of accessibility to all our staff.

During these times, it is important that we stood by our commitment to nurturing our people. Especially during the earlier days of COVID-19, there were a lot of downtime for some of our departments. Our staff are sent to courses to ensure they remain effective and acquire relevant skillsets.

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