KH Roberts participates in Meatless Meat Challenge 2022 as a knowledge partner

KH Roberts’s Innovation Manager speaks at the Meatless Meat Challenge 2022. 

Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA), Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) have jointly organised Meatless Meat Challenge 2022 (MMC) this year. This challenge brought together 10 local food companies, 7 supporting partners and 30 students to co-create a novel plant-based meatless meat product, in an effort to accelerate alternative meat protein options developed in Singapore and empower local food enterprises to stay ahead of the competitive industry.

This challenge spans over six months in three phases. KH Roberts contributed as a knowledge partner during the second phase of the event. Our Innovation Manager, Mr Derrick Heng, shared about the different types of meat analogues – Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) and High Moisture Meat Analogue (HMMA) – produced by extrusion technology, their distinctive properties and suitable applications. He also spoke about the drivers behind the growing plant-based trend and how aromas and tastes are essential to ensuring the overall acceptability of the final plant-based product by masking undesirable beany notes and imitating the taste of real meat.

KH Roberts also provided HMMA and flavours to each of the students and participating companies team to add to their prototyping journey.

MMC was organised as part of FoodInnovate – a multi-government agency Initiative that aims to expand Singapore’s food manufacturing industry through innovation. Through FoodInnovate, smaller local food manufacturing companies have the opportunities to access large-scale equipment and collaborate with expertise partners to innovate and discover new possibilities. These opportunities provide the companies a platform to develop ground-breaking food ideas, empowering them to scale new heights and eventually advancing the industry.

FoodInnovate comprises of a network of resource partners that KH Roberts is proud to be a part of, because Collaboration is in our core.

All the best to the participating students and companies on their final phase of MMC 2022!