KH Roberts jointly organised a Plant-based seminar with other industry experts

Innovating Plant-based Foods for a New Tomorrow

In collaboration with Leistritz, Roquette, and their distributor, Brenntag, we held an exclusive two-part seminar, 'Innovating Plant-based Foods for a New Tomorrow', on 24th November 2023, bringing together our expertise in aroma and taste masking solutions, plant-based product development, extrusion process and technology and market research, to share valuable insights on creating delicious plant-based foods that delight consumers.

This year’s seminar comes on the back of another highly successful Plant-Based Workshop held in May 2022 organised by KH Roberts, Leistritz and Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI). The 2022 workshop was a resounding success and received overwhelming support and positive feedback from participating industry experts. The enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated the growing interest in plant-based innovation and served as the foundation for our decision to revisit this journey.

In the dynamic landscape of the plant-based food industry, KH Roberts and the other organizers stand as pillars of innovation and expertise. Our collective contributions have been transformative, playing pivotal roles in shaping the future of plant-based foods. This two-part seminar, 'Innovating Plant-based Foods for a New Tomorrow,' has illuminated and explored the ongoing advancements in this rapidly evolving industry.

Morning session – Taste, Texture and Technology: Innovation in Plant-based Meat

We began the first part of the seminar with a focus on plant-based meat.

During this session, attendees explored recent developments for high moisture meat analogues (HMMA), and how to translate them into consumer-desired ready-to-eat meals. Roquette tackled technical aspects related to pea protein, KH Roberts provided taste-masking solutions, and Leistritz showcased the texturisation of HMMA using twin-screw extruder. Joint solutions from the organisers led to the delivery of meat-like texture, neutral meaty taste, high-quality pea protein, and ready-to-use culinary options. Our presentation featured prototypes of Thai Green Curry with Chicken HMMA and Singapore Chilli Crab with Crab HMMA, both receiving high liking in sensory scores and giving attendees further insights on developing their own plant-based meat products. KH Roberts, widely recognized for its expertise in aromas and tastes, shared further about the functional roles that aromas and tastes play in improving tastes of plant-based meats.

Afternoon session – Nourish a plant-based lifestyle: Perfect your dairy alternative products

Moving on to the second part of the seminar where the focus was shifted to plant-based dairy, attendees savoured tastings of plant-based ice cream, instant beverages, and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, all curated with KH Roberts's flavour and taste solutions. Roquette shared valuable insights into protein considerations for each of these plant-based applications.

This session underscored the growing trend of plant-based dairy, with a deep understanding that taste and aroma are crucial in perfecting these alternatives. As the industry's leading expert in aromas and tastes, KH Roberts guided participants through this exciting journey into dairy alternatives.

Our workshops weren't just about sharing information; they were about the experience. We believe in the power of taste and aroma to transform plant-based foods from ordinary to extraordinary, and we're thrilled to have showcased a variety of flavour options with our participants.

In Closing

We are delighted to share that another round of successful plant-based seminar has concluded with our fellow collaborators. This success is attributed to the active participation of our attendees. The insightful discussions and shared experiences not only added to the seminar's informativeness but also enriched the experience for everyone involved. Stay tuned for more updates by following KH Roberts on our social media pages. There will surely be more to come.

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