Developing Tasty Plant-based Foods: From Extrusion to Plate

Jointly organised by KH Roberts, Leistritz and SIFBI.

Plant-based products have been increasing in popularity among Asian consumers, influenced by their shifting preferences towards ethical, healthy and sustainable consumption. The space is seeing tremendous growth and vibrancy, and major brands, suppliers and food-service outlets are developing plant-based meat innovations. However, one key challenge in consumer adoption is creating a plant-based product that has a delicious and meat-like taste and texture. There are many factors to be considered, from plant sources and ingredients, extrusion processes to crafting meat-like flavour profiles that consumers will enjoy.

In this two-part workshop series jointly organised by KH Roberts, Leistritz and the Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), we bring together our expertise in scientific research, product development, extrusion process and technology, and aroma and taste masking solutions to create plant-based meat analogues and products that delight Asian consumers.

Virtual Workshop
12 May 2022 | Thursday | 2-5pm (GMT+8)
Registration link:

Topics to be covered:
      -   Background, Future and Growth of Plant-based Foods
      -   Principles of Extrusion Technology and Plant-based Meat Analogue Processing
      -   Extrusion Process Control to Achieve Meat-like Structures
      -   Extrusion Ingredients: Functionality & Analysis
      -   Developing Tasty Plant-Based Foods – Challenges & Solutions

On-site Workshop
13 May 2022 | Friday | Singapore
Details will be released to confirmed attendees.
Limited slots are available and subject to confirmation.
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Attendees will be able to gain first-hand insights into the challenges of formulating plant-based foods from HMMA

What’s included in the physical workshop:
      -   Hands-on training on an operating extruder
      -   See, touch and taste different HMMA samples
      -   Post-extrusion analysis
      -   Aroma and taste solutions for HMMA
      -   Application of HMMA into plant-based foods
      -   Plant-based lunch



Derrick Heng
Innovation Manager
KH Roberts

Derrick Heng has over 10 years of experience in the flavour industry. He built his flavour science foundation in the laboratory, then moved on to technical sales support providing applied solutions to food manufacturers regionally. Today, Derrick works closely with flavour technologists to explore new and unique processing technologies to advance KH Roberts’s capabilities to meet future market trends in aromas and tastes. He works closely with collaborators in the food industry ecosystem on applied research, which has led to successful aroma and taste solutions globally. Derrick is currently working on developing and expanding KH Roberts’s range of taste masking solutions and authentic culinary aromas for alternative proteins and plant-based dairy, meat and seafood products.


Sienkiong Lim
General Manager, Sales
Leistritz Extrusion Singapore

Sienkiong Lim is a General Manager_Sales in Leistritz Extrusion Singapore. An industry professional with more than 25 years of experience in providing Process solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and plastic industry. As an advocate in food sustainability, he is passionate in developing Plant-based meat analogue products which are healthier and taste as good as real meat. Today he is going to introduce the fundamental of Twin Screw Extrusion technology and the process of transforming plant-based protein into meat analogue products. He graduated from The Open University United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Science with Honours (2:1) in Mathematics with Business and Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering.


Raffael Osen, PhD
Group Leader, Food Process Engineering
Singapore Institute of Food & Biotechnology Innovation

Dr Raffael Osen is currently leading the Food Process Engineering Group at SIFBI, A*STAR. Prior to his move to Singapore, he led the department of food process development at Fraunhofer, the largest organisation for applied R&D in Europe. Dr Osen started his research on the development of plant-based meat substitutes in 2010 and obtained his PhD in Food Technology from the Technical University of Munich on high moisture extrusion of plant protein. With his colleagues at Fraunhofer IVV, he provided the scientific and technological framework for meat substitutes from pea protein. In his + 10 years in R&D, Dr Osen has been awarded for numerous competitive research grants and industrial funds in the field of protein extrusion, authored 15 peer-reviewed research papers, one book chapter, three patent applications and was invited to give keynote lectures in major international food-tech conferences. In SIFBI, he is particularly interested in integrating protein ingredients development, texturization and formulation from a wide range of alternative protein sources such as underutilized Asian crops, fermentation-derived proteins and cultivated cells for developing tasty, healthy, sustainable and affordable foods.


Chiang Jie Hong, PhD
Research Fellow, Nutrition
Singapore Institute of Food & Biotechnology Innovation​

Jie Hong graduated with a Bachelor of Food Technology (Honours) and a PhD in Food Technology at Massey University, New Zealand. His PhD thesis was on “The development of extruded meat alternatives using Maillard-reacted beef bone hydrolysate and plant proteins”. Prior to pursuing his postgrad study, he worked as a Research Associate in Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC). His research interests are in looking at the protein-protein interactions to form the structure and texture of meat analogues, flavour development from meat by-products and plant protein sources, and food product developments. He is currently involved in the food structure program in the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre in SIFBI, to develop meat analogues for the Asian markets, and also study protein-polysaccharide interactions for future food applications.

About KH Roberts

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About Leistritz

Leistritz is an innovative machine manufacturer that offers high tech solutions in turbine, pump, extrusion and production technology. Founded in 1905 and today, we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of twin screw extruder and the technologies under our portfolio. Headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, Leistritz is a global player with extensive process knowledge. Passionate about what we do, consumer-oriented and always seeking continuous innovations in machine and process engineering, we have developed deep know-how in numerous industries including food, pharmaceutical and more. In the food industry, one of the most rapid growing food categories is the production of plant-based meat analogue. The meat analogue is classify into high and low moisture where both are produced from the same extruder system. For more information, please visit

About the Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI)

The Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI) is a research institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). SIFBI drives innovation in food, advancing Singapore’s aim to be Asia’s food innovation hub. It supports Singapore’s “30 by 30” goal of boosting local produce capabilities and aims to satisfy the global market’s demand for more sustainably produced foods that are safe, healthy and enjoyed for their sensorial attributes. SIFBI brings together end-to-end research capabilities encompassing biotechnology (discovery of producing strains, genetic engineering, biotransformation), nutrition, food process engineering and cutting-edge analytics under one roof. It collaborates with a wide range of industry partners as well as local and international universities to undertake research in alternative foods and the circular bioeconomy. The institute also drives the development of high value-added ingredients, future foods and new food systems to deliver value in organoleptic qualities and nutrition in a sustainable manner.