KH Roberts exhibited at Food Ingredient Asia 2022

KH Roberts exhibited in Food Ingredients Asia (FiA) 2022 in the second week of September.

Plant-based was the theme of our exhibition this year. The plant-based market in Indonesia is still in its early stages, with few food companies producing alternative meat products. Despite the limited options, there is still rising interest amongst Indonesian consumers towards plant-based foods due to health and ethical reasons (Hutabarat, 2021). Studies from 2020 show that 78% of Indonesians have tried eating plant-based meats, with 24% willing to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet (Vegconomist, 2022). In addition, Muslims make up 87% of the Indonesian population, suggesting a significant market opportunity for plant-based foods (Razali, 2022). With the high demand and low supply of plant-based options, it indicates that the aforementioned market in Indonesia will likely witness rapid growth in the years to come.

Leveraging on our plant-based know-how, we showcased plenty of plant-based applications ranging from almond and oat milk, oat cookies, cassava chips and sausages. We demonstrated how our aroma and taste solutions successfully and tastefully mask away the inherent undesirable beany off-notes from the plant proteins. Some flavours that we introduced were Creamy Taro, Kurma, Honey, Hojicha, Chilli Crab and Barbeque Curry Chicken flavours.

A particular exhibition highlight was the technical seminar session hosted by KH Roberts where Mr. Derrick Heng, Innovation Manager of KH Roberts, spoke about the importance of aromas and tastes in plant-based foods. We featured how the fibrous texture of high-moisture meat analogues work synergistically with the correct dose of aroma and taste solutions to create convincing alternative meat profiles. To further illustrate the synergistic effects, attendees were invited to our booth to taste plant-based sausages incorporated with our flavours.

Besides hosting the technical seminar, KH Roberts was also excited to re-engage and form new connections with our Indonesian customers. We had a fruitful time showcasing our plant-based expertise this FiA 2022.

We had a blast and finished FiA 2022 on a high note with our visitors, attendees and customers. We are continuing the show next year in 2023 at Bangkok and can’t wait to relive the excitement again.

Till we see you again in Bangkok next year, stay safe and connected!

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