KH Roberts Sponsors Asia’s Great Snack Challenge 2021

KH Roberts supports Asia’s Great Snack Challenge to create the next best-selling innovative snack in Singapore.

Photos: Enterprise Singapore, Singapore

KH Roberts, All rights reserved.

KH Roberts is happy to support the Asia’s Great Snack Challenge 2021 organised by Enterprise Singapore! Innovation and collaboration are at the core of what we do, and we are passionate in bringing together concepts and expertise to help design the next great product.

As the Snack Challenge progresses into the 3-month incubation programme, the Top 10 finalists are mentored and supported by various ESG partners and sponsors to help further develop commercially-ready snacks.

Aromas and tastes are instrumental to developing snacks that give a deep sensorial experience, therefore KH Roberts conducted a workshop on Trends Shaping Snacking- Why Aroma & Taste is Key to Successful New Product Introductions. We shared with the 10 finalist teams, the latest insights on snacking, trending flavour profiles across Asia and how Aromas and Tastes are key to successful snack innovations.

We look forward to seeing aspiring start-ups and individuals to stretch the boundaries of snack innovation!